No to sruuu | Shipping through Darien’s Gap
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Shipping through Darien’s Gap

About This Project

Where the road ends… We reached Panama, want to get to Colombia or Ecuador, but there is no road. Our overland journey got to the biggest stopping point and huge obstacle… How much will it cost and how to do it? Airplane, private boat, a raft, or a cargo shipping? Teamed up with other overlanders: Eric in a Mitsubishi Delica, Ariana, Chris and Jagger in WW, Paul in his Landy and Oscar in this Safari Jeep. Together we walked miles, survived the bureaucracy on both ends and got our vehicles on South American soil.


April 15, 2016

Jak się robi pranie w Gwatemali?

Filmy, Gwatemala, Latin America

Z Peru do Boliwii w 6 minut

Boliwia, Filmy, Peru